Pedro Estrela

  • Extended visit to Rhodes University

    Pedro Estrela spends 2 weeks working in the group of Prof Janice Limson at the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Rhodes University, South Africa (25 March – 5 April 2013). The visit was funded by the Mellon Senior Scholars...

  • Participation at "Bio and chemical sensors workshop"

    Pedro Estrela gives invited talk at the Bio and chemical sensors workshop (Swansea, UK, 21 March 2013) organised by the Welsh Intelligent Polymer Processing Consortium for Functional Applications: "Label-Free Biosensors using Field-Effect Transistors"

  • New PhD student in the group

    Pawan Jolly joins the group as a PhD student with a PROSENSE Marie Curie Fellowship. Project: “Electrochemical DNA-based sensor arrays for prostate cancer biomarker detection”

  • New final year project students in the group

    New final year project students in the group: o Ioannis Anastasi (MEng): “Comparative analysis of electro wetting actuation for lab-on-a-chip biosensing applications” o Abhishek Gokhale (BEng): “Use of gold nanoparticles in electrochemical impedance biosensing measurements” o Jules Hammond (MEng): “Localized...