Welcoming Laura Newton and George Tarling

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We have recently gained two new faces in the Public Engagement Unit, be it only on a temporary basis! Laura and George are both current PhD students who are undertaking placements with us, helping with specific aspects of our work.

Laura Newton is normally a PhD student in the SWBio DTC and based in Bath’s Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. She is working with us for three months, exploring and redeveloping our case studies of engaged researchers and seed fund projects. She will also be helping to organise the touring exhibition for our Expressions of Research project. Thanks, Laura!

George Tarling is normally a PhD student in the SWDTC based in Exeter’s Department of Education. She will be supporting Ed with the Community Matters project, particularly organising a mid-project event in January and helping with the project evaluation. She will also be producing some training and resources arising from themes across our seed fund projects. Thanks, Georgie!

They’ll both be coming along to meetings and workshops with the usual PEU team, so you may get to meet them as you interact with us this semester. So, join us in welcoming them to the Public Engagement Unit.

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