As part of the programme of activities for FUTURES2020 we are taking to the airwaves with FUTURES on Air, an exciting collaboration with a number of local radio stations across the South West. We're currently looking for researchers who might be interested in collaborating with a public group and an experienced radio producer to create a short piece of audio about their research.

Offline engagement

Over the course of the COVID-19 emergency we've seen a great deal of engagement move online. However, not everyone has the same digital access and we at the Public Engagement Unit are interested in exploring other offline ways to engage people with research. FUTURES on Air is an opportunity to explore the potential of radio for public engagement and will involve co-creating radio programmes based on research and community interests. For example, this might involve working with local hospital radio to create programmes for their patients and staff or contributing to already scheduled community radio shows. You'll be supported in developing engaging content with public groups with the help of an experienced radio producer and public engagement professionals.

Get involved

We'd love to hear from you if you have an idea you'd like to explore for broadcast involving your research.  Drop us a line to find out more about the opportunity or send Dean Veall an email to register your interest by Friday 6 November.  


Taking place on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 November 2020, FUTURES2020 is a European Researchers' Night, and is one of just three UK based projects of the 51 projects across 30 European countries. FUTURES2020 involves researchers from Bath Spa University, University of Exeter and University of Plymouth joining the University of Bath and University of Bristol to showcase their work.

The FUTURES2020 Festival of Discovery will take research directly to the people with digital activities, hands-on experiments, science shows, games, quizzes, competitions, and exhibitions. Researchers will be heading out into shopping centres, botanic gardens, museums, cathedrals, naval vessels, and the streets to share their work.

The Festival is an opportunity for people, of all ages to explore the past and discuss the research that is shaping our future with researchers from the region’s universities as they lead interactive activities and demonstrations across five counties in the South West.

Dean Veall is Deputy Head of Public Engagement

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