About us

The Research Impact Sub-group provides a forum to bring together a range of existing activities across the University.

Their work is split across five major areas.

Capturing, recording and measuring non-academic impact of research

For RCUK Research Outputs System and future REFs; capturing data now and onwards to be able to demonstrate non-academic impact.

Leads: Katy McKen, Chris Brace, Dylan Thompson


Enhancing research impact for Research Council Pathways to Impact

To meet Research Council requirements and ensure that all academics are confident in completing their Pathways to Impact statements and are maximising the potential benefits to the University.

Leads: Denise Cooke, Chick Wilson, John Hudson


Enhancing research impact through public engagement

To ensure that public engagement is embedded with research as appropriate and that data is recorded on public engagement activities.

Leads: Joanna Coleman, Hanna Diamond, Rob Briner


Impact through publications: improving citations

To ensure that publications are as widely disseminated, used and cited to academic (using social media) and non-academic audiences, and data is captured to measure this.

Leads: Tim Kaner, Kara Jones, Robert Kelsh, Christine Harland


Impact through making research visible

To ensure that we promote our research effectively (on webpages, short films, in the media etc.) and we provide appropriate media training.

Leads: Tim Kaner, all sub-group members