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Learning about our work in Korea

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Today I was invited to join our International office in welcoming Ambassador Lim from Korea to visit us Bath.

As part of the visit, all of our academics currently doing work in Korea or collaborating with Korean researchers spoke about their experiences. This was a great opportunity for our team to learn about new projects and research collaborations that we might be able to use to promote the University in the future.



Give me a printer and I'll make you a research brochure

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As some of you may know, I recently got back from a trip to the printers in Cornwall where the 2016 prospectus was on press.

Although that was to do with the Student Recruitment side of my job, I was so excited by all the machinery that Katrina is giving me another printing project - although I don't think this one will come with a trip but a girl can hope!

So watch this space for celebratory research brochures, but in the meantime, here are some images from my trip to whet your appetite!


Photography by Richard Box

Photography by Richard Box

Inside the warehouse

Inside the warehouse

Management system for colouration

Management system for colouration

The plate in the press on which the pages design are lasered onto - each plate can take 4 pages in total

The plate in the press on which the page designs are lasered onto - each plate can take four pages in total

Just some of the freshly printed pages

Just some of the freshly printed pages



Light it up like dynamite…or an optical fibre!

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Our Department of Physics is doing incredible research into light and optical fibres and what better time to celebrate them than 2015, which for anyone who doesn't know (shame on you!) is the UN International Year of Light.

Lead by representatives from the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials and in close connection with the Institute of Physics, the Department will be bringing you laser controlling robots, impossible colouration through prisms and ‘Jelly Optics’ (optic experiments with easily accessible objects) - as well as more serious topics of course.



I'm lucky enough to be working with them throughout the year to bring you a number of fantastic events which celebrate all the incredible ways which light science affects our lives.

If you want the official wording, then this year is all about “light science and its applications, and the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health” (IYL 2015).

So watch this space for some seriously cool things to do with light, including how it can be used in all sorts of weird and wonderful applications, from dentistry to machinery!


Communicating 'next REF' requirements to researchers

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It might seem a little early seeing as we've only just received the results of REF2014, but we're already looking ahead to REF2020.

Our team is involved with the 'Ginger Group' - a collection of individuals from across the University's academic departments, the library, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)'s office and in marketing - which is working to ensure that Bath's academic community is REF eligible as the rules change for the next round of assessment.

3 stepsHEFCE's Open Access requirements for the next REF include the condition that outputs can only be submitted to the REF if they are published as open access as soon as they are accepted for publication. Full text at publication stage is now too late.

We're working to communicate this to all researchers at Bath. We've launched the 'Three Step' campaign today across campus (look out for your email from Prof Jane Millar) and we'll be leading on monthly communications over the next 18 months as we approach the April 2016 deadline.

Currently, 30% of Bath's research papers are published open access. By April 2016, this needs to be 100%.

Find out more about the 'Three Steps' to open access publishing here.



Vice-Chancellor's Research Day

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Yesterday was the Vice-Chancellor's Research Day, a showcase and celebration of research being carried out by early career academics across the University of Bath.

Monkswood reservoir, where one of the presenters is testing the impact tiny creatures have on the flow of oxygen in the water.

Monkswood reservoir, where one of the presenters is testing the impact tiny creatures have on the flow of oxygen in the water.

Eleven speakers had ten minutes each to present their research to an audience made up of the VC, Pro-VCs, Deans, and Heads of Departments. Not an easy task, but one they rose to admirably.

Talks covered all disciplines. We learnt about the difficulties children from disadvantaged backgrounds have in school, about controlling vibration in helicopters, security issues in Asia, the impact of pharmacist work pressures on public health and the way that media disapproval can actually boost the business of investment banks.

We also learnt about the mathematical modelling of the spread of contagious disease, potential early warning systems for large-scale financial meltdowns, how to teach computers to recognise shapes and how minute creatures in lakes are helping to keep biodiversity healthy.

Keep an eye out over coming weeks as we work to profile some of these projects in greater detail, either through the press, through interactive digital tools or video. We have some great new ideas and we're really looking forward to working on some of these stories!


The final product - research video

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Over the last few blogs we've talked about the fun we've been having making a video about our research impact ahead of the REF results which came out on 18 December. Well the video is complete and the results are out - and there were smiles all around here at Bath!

To find out more about Bath's fantastic REF results see here.

And here is the final video - let us know what you think!


Work shouldn't be this fun...

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We're still ploughing on with the filming for our REF video to showcase the great research done here at Bath.

Today we've been having a really tough time filming Prof Andrew Graves' research, the set for which included his rather fantastic Ferrari!

Prof Graves' work has resulted in a 'build to order' manufacturing approach for cars which makes the automotive sector both less harmful to the environment and more efficient.

We definitely didn't have a huge amount of fun on this shoot... 😉


And a big shout out to Simon Wharf from the University's Audio Visual Department who has been doing all of the filming for us and is doing a fantastic job.



Communicating REF results

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The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. It has replaced the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and we'll find out at the end of December how Bath has done.

Part of the assessment included Impact Case Studies, which were submitted to cover a variety of the University's research areas.

As part of our efforts to communicate the impact our research has, the Research Marketing Team is currently making a short video which features many of these case studies. Each academic involved is being filmed speaking about the impact of their research.

Today we've been in the Chemistry labs filming Dr Chris Frost. His work has contributed to the creation of a device which can detect an infectious disease and identify it in just half an hour, making it really easy to start treatment quickly.

Here is Chris being filmed by our videographer Simon!



Hello from the Research Marketing team

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Hi there, and welcome to the research marketing blog.

The Research Marketing Team is made up of me, Katrina Kelly, and my colleague Maree Perkins (part-time... Maree also works on student recruitment marketing for half of her week).

Our team promotes the University’s research internationally, nationally and within the University, and we aim to support researchers throughout the research lifecycle to develop and deliver marketing plans to promote their work.

We need to promote our research both to help the University raise its profile internationally, and to help secure research funding. Also, a lot of our research is support by public funding from Government, so we have an obligation to make the public aware of the results.

On this blog we'll talk about some of the projects we get involved in, and also about things we learn along the way. We'll share updates on some of the research that excites us, and we'll also feature some guest blogs from time to time that we think you might enjoy.

That's it for now - but we hope you'll come back and read more soon!