Managing data across the institutional research lifecycle

Gaps in Guidelines

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Gap analyses often take the form of a formal survey such as the Data Asset Framework or CARDIO. However, there are more informal ways of identifying gaps in an institution’s readiness for managing its research data. As we have been working on our new RDM policy, we have referred to a number of related policies, procedures and guidelines. In a small number of cases, whilst activities are undertaken on a routine basis, we have discovered that associated guidance has yet to be formalised.

With this in mind, I have started to draw together a list of what types of areas associated with RDM should have guidance documents available. This list is by no means conclusive and I expect that I shall add to it as the Research360 project progresses.

  • Data protection
  • Freedom of information
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal & ethical
  • Storage
  • Use of external data repositories
  • Encryption
  • Use of cloud based resources
  • Security, access and permissions
  • Resilience and backup
  • Retention and disposal

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