Managing data across the institutional research lifecycle


The Jisc-funded Research360 Project will develop technical and human infrastructure for research data management at the University of Bath, as an exemplar research-intensive university.

Key objectives

Research360 Institutional Research Lifecycle

Research360 Institutional Research Lifecycle

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The project will:

  • Build on a 360-degree institutional research lifecycle model which is transferable to other research-intensive HEIs;
  • Focus in particular on issues and challenges that arise from private sector partnerships and research collaborations;
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of all institutional stakeholders required to meet funder (EPSRC) expectations;
  • Target the research practitioner, Faculty, support services and senior institutional managers in the development, implementation and deployment of RDM plans, and position funder expectations and the Research Excellence Framework (REF), as key drivers for change;
  • Deconstruct the policy development process which results in institutional research data management policy, taking particular account of industry stakeholder requirements and the role of university ethics committees and legal office teams;
  • Develop an extensible technical infrastructure for RDM within the Faculties of Science and Engineering & Design, as the proof-of-concept pilot for the Faculty cascade model;
  • Use Doctoral Training Centres as hubs for the development and delivery of training and advocacy modules in partnership with librarians.