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8th International Digital Curation Conference 2013

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📥  Outreach

From Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 January 2013, Cathy and I attended the 8th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC13) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

On Monday morning, we ran a workshop, jointly with Hannah Lloyd-Jones from Open Exeter, entitled "Designing Data Management Training Resources: Tools for the provision of interactive research data management workshops". This offered participants the opportunity to learn more about the way we run our face-to-face data management training with staff and students, and to experience first-hand some of the interactive exercises we use.

These included Open Exeter's "Research Data Dating" exercise, in which two concentric circles of participants have 3 minutes to describe their research data to each other before moving on to the next person. I demonstrated how we use "clickers" (audience response systems) to survey our students during face-to-face workshops, and we also had a discussion of the pros and cons of the data management plan (DMP) templates that we've used with students.

For more info, take a look at Marieke Guy's blog post, IDCC13: Exemplar RDM Training Exercises and Jill Evans's summary of tweets from the workshop. For those who are interested, we used PollEverywhere, a website which permits voting on questions via SMS or the web on a smartphone or laptop.

Update: You can now download Hannah's slides: Designing Data Management Training Resources: IDCC 2013 Workshop

Cathy Pink presented a practice paper entitled "Meeting the Data Management Compliance Challenge: Funder Expectations and Institutional Reality". The paper drew together lessons learnt by the Research360 project, based on its experience in meeting the varied data management needs of both an institution and its external stakeholders. The text of Cathy's paper will be available online soon.

Liz Lyon facilitated the "What is a data scientist?" symposium, an interactive panel discussion around roles and skills required to cope with the growing importance of data in scholarship. See Marieke's blog post, "IDCC13: What’s in a name? The ‘data scientist’ symposium" for more details.

Finally, we also presented a poster, "Creating an Online Training Module on RDM", about the process of developing our research data management e-learning module for postgraduate students. The poster was designed and written by our colleague Marieke Guy from UKOLN, and I gave a "minute madness" presentation summarising it as well.

There is also a searchable archive of tweets with the #idcc13 hashtag.

VALA2012: libraries and technology down under

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📥  Events

Liz Lyon gave a keynote speech on Wednesday 8 February 2012, entitled "The Informatics Transform: Re-engineering Libraries for the Data Decade", at the VALA2012 conference in Melbourne, Australia. The talk focused on the transformations required for libraries to keep up with digital trends, and drew on Liz's own experience for exemplars, including the University of Bath and the Research360 project.

VALA - Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc. (VALA) is "an Australian not-for-profit professional organisation that promotes the use and understanding of information and communication technologies across the galleries, libraries, archives and museum sectors." (via VALA on Wikipedia)

Research360 poster for programme launch meeting

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📥  Events

Ahead of tomorrow's programme launch meeting, here is the Research360 poster. This is the same poster that we'll be displaying at the meeting, will also be presented at this year's International Digital Curation Conference in Bristol next week.

Project manager David Allen and I (Jez Cope) will be at the launch meeting, looking forward to meeting people from all the other projects, and David will be attending IDCC along with repository manager Kara Jones.

View the Research360 poster online