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SWORD v2 implementations released

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The JISC-funded SWORD project recently announced that the first production-quality implementations of the SWORD v2 protocol are available for use. SWORD v2 is a generic interface which allows other services to deposit and access objects in any compatible digital repository.

Part of the Research360 project will involved implementing an interface between Sakai CLE and a digital repository. The purpose of this is to enable researchers to deposit data in a repository (such as our EPrints-based publication archive, Opus) from a virtual research environment (VRE) which they already use as part of their day-to-day research practice.

In the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies we use Sakai CLE to power our virtual research environment, iSusLab. A number of other institutions in the UK and beyond use Sakai CLE to support researcher, so a SWORD2-Sakai interface will be of use to many in the academic community.