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'Show me the money…', a new post on Cambridge’s Unlocking Research blog

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This recent blog post from the University of Cambridge gives a valuable insight into how Cambridge is looking to support their researchers in Data Sharing and shows how much planning and strategic thought is involved. At Cambridge, the issue needed the consultation and involvement of many administrative staff (over 100!), academics and researchers; as well as important external stakeholders such as the Research Councils and Research Charities (like the Wellcome Trust and CRUK). (more…)


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Welcome to the researchdata blog

The aim of this researchdata blog is to introduce the Research Data Service (RDS) in the University of Bath Library, and to provide insights into what we do and some background on the associated topics. Comments and questions are very welcome, and will always be replied to! You can contact us via the Research Data web pages, by email to, by phone x 4791, or in person by coming along to the Library, room 4.10. (more…)