Thank you for your interest in supporting the new Student Centre at the University of Bath.

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The new Student Centre is being built as an extention of Norwood House, creating over 500m2 of new floorspace over two levels, in the previously empty gap between the existing SU area and the 4East building.

The existing SU areas will also be refurbished and updated.  On the parade level there will be a reception and office area, large comfortable seating area and catering area in addition to the existing SU shop.  Upstairs will be the existing (refurbished) bar area, a quiet study space/informal learning area and a "Chill Out" area where students can relax without feeling under pressure to buy food and drinks when they can't afford to.  The whole Centre will benefit from an integrated communications system, with video screens and streamed audio providing all the latest information and entertainment.  There will also be a new one-stop advice and services centre - offering all the services previously provided through AWARE and ARC in a friendly and accessible location.

The new Student Centre will be the first major building which people arriving onto the parade will encounter.  Its welcoming and open appearance will provide a new and modern gateway into the campus - a new heart to the University of Bath.

We need your help to make these plans a reality.  Please click on one of the donation form links above and make a gift to the Alumni Fund in support of the new Student Centre.