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Welcome to the new Social & Policy Sciences Blog!

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Welcome to the new Social and Policy Science Blog. This is intended to be a space for staff and students in the department to communicate their research and to discuss its interaction with the world beyond campus. We will not confine ourselves to posts from within the department. We intend to publish material from across the university and beyond, especially, but not exclusively, from social science disciplines.

We are starting this blog for a number of reasons which include:

  • To provide a way to bring together the wide variety of work going on in the department in our work with the Institute for Policy Research, our research centres, groupings and clusters and our four disciplinary areas of international development, social policy, social work and sociology (Read more on our About page)
  • To showcase our departmental knowledge exchange and public engagement work, and be part of Bath’s Public Engagement Network.
  • To provide a forum for debate about the interface between research, society and governance. This will include reflections on the ethical, political and sociological dimensions of research, its interface with society and on the various issues raised by the question of impact.
  • To enhance our existing social media presence and our engagement with both public and scholarly social networking. Many of our staff and students already engage with social media whether oriented towards academic audiences (such as ResearchGate,, Google Scholar or Scopus) or with a wider reach such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, or with other blog or opinion platforms such as The Conversation or Comment is Free.

So, this is an open invitation. If you want to contribute to this blog, please get in touch to discuss your ideas. Contact David Miller ( or Caron Staley (