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About us

I have been a Research Development Manager at Bath for nearly nine years and during that time I have worked on hundreds of proposals to help make them more fundable, I have trained cohorts of academics and researchers on the skills needed for preparing research applications and have passed on funding opportunities to relevant communities. I am a law graduate by training and spent many years working as a contracted researcher and research manager in the discipline of criminology – hence my focus on the social sciences. However, I have worked with academics and researchers from the all three Faculties and the School of Management - Social Science is certainly not limited to specific departments!

I will use this blog as a base for all the knowledge that I think is helpful to people on their journey to secure research funding. Be it highlighting and deciphering relevant funding opportunities, highlighting events I am running or general research development musings. I will also shine some light on the role that I play at the university – day to day – and how this links with the strategic direction of those in the know.

It is also an opportunity to hear some different perspectives – both through comments left by readers and thought pieces from guest contributors. There is an abundance of help available throughout the university when it comes to the preparation of research proposals and I want to create a space to share this in a way that is useful and ever present!