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With my first post of this semester I would like to take a look at my course, Business Administration, and show you what its actually like to be studying on the course at Bath. So if you’re considering studying a BSc in Business Administration (or BBA as it's so commonly called on campus) you’re reading the right blog post - and lets be honest, with so many great aspects of the course who wouldn’t want to study business, especially here at Bath.

So, firstly lets consider some key facts - the school of management (SoM) has been around a long time, since 1966 apparently, which means they’ve had a fair old time to work out how this business malarkey works. That is good news for students because it means that what you’re being taught, you know is going to be good, relevant and interesting stuff because it’s coming from leaders in industry and academia. The SoM offers a whole range of business and finance related degrees, but I am ever so slightly biased towards BBA so that’s what I’ll be talking about here, but if I can’t sell it to you don’t hesitate to check out the others, they’re all awesome.

The most notable thing  about the course (which you will have probably noted as well if you’ve made it this far) is the two mandatory 6 month placements. It is without doubt the most awesome feature of the course and can’t be emphasised enough. I’m currently going through the process of applying for my first placement and have just completed my mock interview. It’s a very exciting time because everyone is picking out places that they would like to go and work! The mock interview itself has also proved invaluable preparation as the placements office here get a multitude of real employers to come in, and over two days everyone gets to do a mock interview and receive feedback from the people who really do the hiring.

Interviews- practice makes perfect!
Interviews- practice makes perfect!

You’re randomly assigned an employer and I drew AS Watson, who are the holding company of healthcare chain Superdrug. It’s definitely an advantage of studying at Bath to be able to get exposure to such big names at such an early stage in your career. For me the interview consisted of a group exercise in which we had to build paper towers as tall as we could with the smallest amount of resources possible which was a challenging team working exercise followed by a one on one interview. Its a great experience, and a really valuable opportunity to learn about interview technique in a relaxed environment and perfect preparation for my real applications which is the next step!

The School of Management organises mock interviews with real employers, including Superdrug

Another great thing I’ve found particularly on BBA is the diverse range of both modules and skills you get to learn. This has two fold advantages because although in itself its great to have a diverse skill set and  knowledge of lots of different areas of business it also means the course draws a very diverse range of people which is a far greater asset to any aspiring business people! It’s truly amazing to be on a course with some many different types of people with so many different backgrounds and so many different aspirations. Creating a network of contacts in so many fields of business is invaluable no matter what area of business you think you might want to work in because you never know when those contacts might come in useful!

In the first semester we studied a range of introductory modules, all of which are compulsory. This is great because it gives you a grounding in all the key functions of business. For instance we took modules this year in Business Economics (my fav) because it looks at the microeconomic environment around businesses (and you get to use long words that make sure you sound smart). We have also studied other more maths focussed modules like Business Data Analysis and Accounting and Finance (although I should probably point out if you're not maths orientated like me, these really aren't as bad as they sound!). There's also modules in Law, People and Organisations as well as Business in Society which covers everything from contact law to how people interact in businesses.

All in all, its a fantastic course and I am really enjoying it. If you’d like to continue with a conversation about the course then drop me a comment.

Until then, over and out.


Posted in: School of Management, Undergraduate


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  • Hey I am from india and I got a conditional offer to study business administration at bath what all subjects are taught under the same and are we allowed to choose any other subjects if we want while studying ( like in usa )

    • Hi Tanvi, thanks for leaving a comment! When you choose to study Business Administration at Bath in the first year all the modules (subjects) are compulsory as this is designed to give you experience in all the core areas of business. After this, apart from when you are on placement you get to choose what modules you take, and these range from a whole load of management related areas - if you check the prospectus or School of Management page you can get details on the specific ones available to you.

      You also mentioned about it being like in the US, where I believe you can elect to study a 'minor' subject as part of your degree. Unfortunately the UK system doesn't work like this, so you would have to choose your subjects from business related modules that count towards your BSc in Business Administration. However, you can choose to take foreign language modules as part of your course if you wish! I hope this answers your question - feel free to leave any more questions you have here. Thanks, Harry.

      • Thankyou so much Harry that really helped I have one more question about societies at bath what exactly happens there and I have opted for the 3 yr course so do I get an opportunity to be a part of placement programme

        • And I more questions how in many socities can we get involved

          • Hi Tanvi, no problem at all - happy to help! The BSc in Business Administration programme at Bath has 2 compulsory placements as part of the course so is only available as a 4 year course. I believe their are other degree programmes within the School of Management that allow for optional placement years so check those out! If you can't find it on the School of Management website - write to me again and I'll find someone who can help!

            Regarding societies, you can join as many as you want! As you can see from my other posts I try to involve myself in a lot of them but obviously their is a limit to how much you can really participate if you do too much. I would recommend probably 1 sports team and 2 societies will keep you busy enough!

  • Love the sound of the course. Any tips on applying for it?

    • Great to hear you like the sound of the course, I'm glad I did it justice! In terms of applying, I think the most important thing is just to demonstrate your passion for the subject by drawing on any experiences you may have in business, sport, extra curricular... anything really that shows times when you have demonstrated skills that are important in business.

      This could be anything from good team working skills in a school sports team, or perhaps you learnt communication and sales skills through Young Enterprise or a part time job. If you can show you're a well rounded person, have a genuine passion for business and have a good school record you'll have no problems getting in at all. Hope this helps, any more help you need just drop me a comment! Cheers, Harry.

  • Hi harry, i just firmed BBA for 2015! I really liked the option of the two placements and i was wondering how much help you get in finding a placement?

    Also is there a lot of group work required in the course? and how easy did you find it to meet and get on with people in the course/in general at uni as i'm worried about this aspect !

    • Hi Emma, first off - great choice of course!

      You get a huge amount of help with the placement so do not fear - from your first week of lecturers we have sessions on preparing for interviews, cover letters, CV's etc. There is also a dedicated team of placement staff which you can make an appointment with at anytime to to get help with your placement search, it really is fantastic!

      There is some group work, in the first year you have 1 group project which is a great opportunity to work like you would in a real business. I believe as you go through the years though there is more teamwork.

      It also answers your second question - is it easy to meet people. Group work is a great way to meet and make friends (my best friends at Uni actually came from my group project this year). Outside of this there are regular socials and events for BBA's, the School of Management as a whole and this is before you even consider all the social opportunities surrounding sports teams, societies and etc. So honestly, don't worry - just keep an open mind and you'll be surrounded by friends in no time!

      I hope this helps, any more questions just drop me a comment!

  • Hi Harry, nice work with the blog. I am going to firm the BBA course and I was just wondering how the workload compares with that of A levels?

    • HI Henry, thanks for the comment! Apologies for the delay in replying, unfortunately I didn't take A Levels - I actually did IB so I have had to find a few friends what they thought of difference in workload! Speaking to my friends they reckon the workload is fairly similar to A levels, but is obviously slightly more demanding because of the reliance different examination methods not encountered at A Level (group work, presentation etc) as well as the increasing degree of complexity. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions! Cheers, Harry.

      • Okay that's great, thank you very much!

  • Hi Harry,
    First of all, thank you very much for the time you spend helping others with this blog, it's super kind of you!
    If you don't mind, I would like your opinion on something : for some weird administrative reasons, I have been offered a place for both the BBA and the BIM of Bath.
    I have to make a choice between these two really quickly. I've already compared the contents of the courses and I still can't make a decision ...
    They're pretty similar actually (apart from the placement and number of compulsory units)
    So I'd love to have a student opinion, you know. The way you describe the BBA makes it sounds amazing.
    Have you had any feedback on the BIM though? I didn't find any post about it.
    I feel more attracted to the BBA but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
    Sorry if it's a little off topic...

    • Hi Joséphine,

      So sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I hope I'm not too late to help!

      I would have to say I am biased towards BBA, being on the course myself. However, they are both great courses just with slightly different focusses. As far as I'm aware the BIM has a more focus on the international aspect of business and a slightly different placements structure to BBA so it really comes down to what suits you best. If you like the idea of 2 placements and aren't too concerned about going abroad then BBA is for you. If however you're planning for a more international career you might want to consider BIM.

      I hope this helps, any more questions just drop me a comment.
      Cheers, Harry.

  • Hey Henry Thankyou so much for helping us I had one doubt - I have applied for management course for 3 years is it possible to change it to 4 year programme afterwards ? Actually I had one friend studying there she was nt able to find any placement so her 6 months gt wasted ! And one more thing and you also mentioned about optional placement fr 3year course can you provide some more info on that thanks:)

    • Hi Tanvi,

      Unfortunately I'm not sure about the answer to your question, and since it is quite specific and we're in the Easter Holidays now I would recommend you email the admissions office on and they will definitely be able to help you out with a better answer.

      Regarding the 6 month placement, for BBA nobody has ever not got a placement. (In fact if you don't get a placement, you technically fail the course but this has never happened). We have a fantastic placements office team and they ensure that you find a place so don't worry about that at all!

      Hope this helps,

  • Hey I am Richa, from India and I have got a conditional offer for the BBA program and O would like to know if we can pursue a foreign language alongside with the course?
    Also is it very tough to get internships?

    • Hi Richa,

      Good question - yes you can! I have a number of friends who study a forgiven language alongside BBA. they have weekly classes and the unit appears on your degree - you can take the class as attendance only or sit examinations in the subject of you wish.

      With regards to internships, we have a fantastic placements team who help you through the whole process. So although as any application process is challenging, you have the support you need to get a placement.

      Hope this helps,

  • Hey Harry I am really sorry to bother you I had one question I heard that when compared warwick has more practical side and bath is more into theoretical knowledge is it true? And ya if I change my course from business management to business management with marketing will the conditions change aswell and can we do it once we get admission ?

    • Hi Tanvi,

      No problem at all - I can't really speak for Warwick, but I believe Bath has a good balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. We have theoretical modules and practical ones - for instance I'm currently preparing for an assessed negotiation where we get the chance to practice our negotiation skills as a team. We also have 2 placements (unlike Warwick) giving us excellent opportunity to put into practice the theory!

      Regarding your question about admissions, I'm afraid I don't know the answer but the people at admissions ( will be able to help you out.

      Hope that helps,

      • Harry Thankyou so much you have been such a great help,:)