Freshers' Week: making friends, joining societies and settling in

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Freshers' Week: Day 1
Freshers' Week: Day 1

The above picture is of me and my house mates, on the first day of Freshers' Week. If we seem a little too close for comfort for a bunch of strangers,  that’s because we weren’t!

The Saturday and Sunday of the moving in weekend gave us plenty of time to bond with each other before we were thrust into the torrent of Freshers events. Zoe, our Freshers Crew Member, popped in during our very first uni evening before there was a chance for any of us to feel alone. She made us all introduce each other and took away the pressure that usually comes with meeting people in such artificial socialising environment. Soon enough we were playing Ring of Fire around the kitchen table and already, the tearful goodbyes said the same afternoon, seemed to fade into oblivion. What happened next? Well, it’s a bit of a blur.

The t-shirt colours of the different accommodation sites were everywhere. Our Eastwood green tops made sure anyone living anywhere near us had an instant conversation starter, “Which house are you from?” followed by a, “That’s far…” or a “Oh my God, we’re neighbours!”. It was that easy.

You might be wondering what the drinking culture is like on campus. Although Bath does not fall short of other universities when it comes to nightlife (we like our parties just as much as the next university), there is a system in place that ensures the safety of students, especially during Fresher’s Week. The various crew members dotted around campus were working around the clock to make sure everyone got home safe after the boozy nights of Fresher’s.

But is Fresher’s week only for drinkers? What about the students that would rather abstain from the sometimes dangerous effects of alcohol? To get the answer to that you’d have to ask my friend Josh, who didn’t drink one unit of alcohol all week. He got involved in all the drinking games using a can of Coca Cola and went to the night events completely sober. Did he have fun? You’d really have to ask him, but he looked like he was enjoying himself from where I was dancing.

Whether you were waking up bright and early or sometime around 1pm with a banging headache, there was something on for you, with a never ending stream of activities. My house mates kept coming back with news of the various clubs and societies. Some of these tasters were enjoyed and others inspired vows of never trying the sport/society ever again, yet, whether the taster was your cup of tea or tea just wasn’t up your alley, there was never any harm in giving whatever it was a go. There was never any pressure to come back, yet upon singing up, everyone was welcomed with open arms.

Personally, I decided to join the Amnesty International, surfing, Psychology and the Art societies. I’ve never had any previous experience with any of these things but I figured: first year is meant to be the easiest, so if I don’t try all these things now when will I? Each year, the work will only get harder, as it always has, and the time I have spare for discovering what I like, love and am truly passionate about will decrease with the increasing work load. “Carpe Diem” – It’s time to seize the day! Or in this case, seize the whole first year and all the opportunities being thrown my way at the moment.

Bath University is bursting with opportunities. There is always something on. Whether it’s day or night, if you want to stay busy, all you have to do is step outside your door and make that miniscule initial effort. Making friends is a given. Everyone here is in the same boat, especially during the first few weeks, during which your circle will most likely not extend much past the people you share your kitchen with on a daily basis. Sometimes all you need to do is say “hi”, start a conversation about the lecture and swap Facebook details.

So far, Bath has been wonderful. My initial doubts whether it was the right Uni for me have been dissolved by the stream of activities and the hilarious people I’m surrounded by in my house. Will it get worse or better from here? I’m not sure, but I hope that my blog posts will help you in deciding which Uni is right for you.

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