I started playing saxophone at the age of 9 and I quickly became very enthusiastic.

Bas Lodewijks is studying PhD Research Programme in Statistics at the University of Bath and has been awarded an Arts Scholarship for 2018-19. Bas shares his thoughts on how his passion for music began and what he’s working on ahead of Platform, the annual arts scholar showcase.

What is your background in your chosen art form?

I started playing saxophone at the age of 9 and I quickly became very enthusiastic. After 8 years I started a pre-conservatory Saturday school, and I joined the conservatory part-time two years later, for a period of five years. Since then, I’ve been playing mainly for myself in Bath.

What are you working on ahead of Platform?

Playing a piece with Aitor Garcia-Ruiz on piano, possibly a piece with Andrés Lopez Moreno on guitar, and maybe a solo before/after the main show. If Andres’ and my piece will happen, we will start studying asap.

Aitor and I have our parts already and will start rehearsing in the next year. My collaborations with Aitor are always very fruitful and I’m positive it will be very nice.

What or who inspires, influences or drives you?

Sharing the saxophone, most importantly its classical side, with others. There’s loads of saxophone legends I look up to, as well as young musicians who are becoming established names at the moment.

Do you have any other creative pursuits?

Not in the sense that I pursue it directly. But I do find painting and theatre interesting.

We’d like to thank Santander for their generous support for this Arts Scholarship.

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