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Completing a global Metadata Standards Directory

📥  Digital Curation Centre, Presentations

Alex Ball will present the outputs of the Metadata Standards Directory Working Group (MSDWG) at the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Fifth Plenary.

The group was tasked with setting up a sustainable, community-maintained directory of metadata standards in use across the full range of academic disciplines. It has also collected use cases for research metadata to help with organizing standards witin the directory. Alex will present the work of the group at three different sessions:

  • a joint session of the Metadata Interest Group, MSDWG, the Data in Context Interest Group, and Research Data Provenance Interest Group;
  • the Outputs Plenary;
  • the Metadata Plenary.

The RDA Fifth Plenary will be held on 8–11 March 2015 at the Paradise Point Hotel, San Diego.