UKOLN Informatics

Expertise in digital information management


UKOLN Informatics was a centre of expertise in digital information management. Our research interests were focused on the management of research data, including the development and implementation of institutional policies, the adoption of data management principles by researchers, data citation, citizen science, and sustainability of data management services.


We engaged in several projects that aimed to improve the quality and pervasiveness of research data management in the higher education sector, the last of which was the Digital Curation Centre. These were just the latest in a long series of projects in which UKOLN was involved.

Other activities

We were active participants in the Research Data Alliance, a global initiative to remove barriers to research data sharing and exchange.

We have a long association with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, which promotes the use of simple and generic resource descriptions to make information easier to find.

We offered informatics expertise to the GW4, a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.


Previously known as the Informatics Research Group (IRG) at UKOLN, we adopted the name ‘UKOLN Informatics’ in August 2013 following the closure of our sister Innovation Support Centre (ISC). This site reflects UKOLN activity from that time until we ceased to operate in July 2015. The history of UKOLN as a whole, however, goes back to 1977.