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New DCC guide: tracking impact with metrics

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The DCC recently released a new guide on How to Track the Impact of Research Data with Metrics by Alex Ball and Monica Duke.

"The guide will help you to track and measure the impact of research data, whether your own or that of your department/institution. It provides an overview of the key impact measurement concepts and the services and tools available for measuring impact. After discussing some of the current issues and challenges, it provides some tips on increasing the impact of your own data. This guide should interest researchers and principal investigators working on data-led research, administrators working with research quality assessment submissions, librarians and others helping to track the impact of data within institutions."

It is available for free on the web pages or to download as a pdf.  Paper copies can be ordered from the DCC online shop.



Meeting RDM requirements: case studies published

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With a view to sharing solutions and lessons learned across the higher education sector, activities and experiences within four UK universities – the University of East London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds and the University of St Andrews – were examined as they meet the expectations set out in the EPSRC research data policy framework.

Information was collected through semi-structured qualitative interviews with selected RDM staff at each of the four universities.  The interviews were conducted and summaries prepared in January and February 2015. The overall structure of the interview questions groups the EPSRC requirements into three areas:

  • Overarching issues on RDM policy, strategy, governance and sustainability
  • Development of support services and increasing RDM capability and skills
  • Technical infrastructure and services required for storage, preservation and sharing

The case studies were prepared by Monica Duke (DCC), JonathanRans (DCC) and Verena Weigert (Jisc) in collaboration with the interviewees: Stephen Grace (University of East London), Stuart MacDonald (University of Edinburgh), Rachel Proudfoot (University of Leeds), and Anna Clements (University of St Andrews).

The case studies are published alongside the guide Meeting the requirements of the EPSRC research data policy


Back from maternity leave

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I am pleased to be starting back at UKOLN Informatics, working for the DCC, after a period of maternity leave.  During my absence, I managed to (slowly) push two publications that had been in the pipeline through to publication.  Both deal with aspects of Research Data Management and present a case study each from two UK universities.  I was fortunate to have two patient co-authors in Chris Awre, Head of Information Management at the University of Hull and Stephen Gray from the University of Bristol's Research Data Service.  Infrastructure and services for research data in institutional repositories is addressed through two topics: the choice of institutional repository, and the use of DOIs.