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Expertise in digital information management

Bridget Robinson

Within the UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC), Bridget Robinson engages with institutions, organisations and individuals across all disciplines and domains, and facilitates interaction between the DCC and its user community. She is associate editor of the International Journal of Digital Curation and helps to organise the annual International Digital Curation Conference.

She worked for three years on the Collection Description Focus. The aim of the Focus was to improve co-ordination of work on collection description methods, schemas and tools, with the goal of ensuring consistency and compatibility of approaches across projects, disciplines, institutions and sectors. The Focus provided support both for projects actively involved in collection description work and for those investigating or planning such work.

Prior to that she was Communications Co-ordinator for the AGORA project. She was responsible for the project's internal communications environment and for the dissemination of project information to the wider community via monthly bulletins, presentations and articles.