Interactive sessions, networking events and technical talks

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Three members of WESBath were given an opportunity to attend the 10th Annual WES Student Conference held on 23rd - 24th November at the University of Warwick. The topic of the conference (Building Sustainable Cities and Communities) was particularly relevant to my degree, so given talks allowed me to improve technical knowledge and gain insight into societal challenges. Apart from technical talks, we participated in interactive sessions, networking events, which aimed to hone self-confidence and networking skills.

Listening to inspirational speeches from successful female engineers and meeting a lot of bright women studying engineering motivated me to work harder and become a great engineer in the future! If I have a chance, I will participate in this event next year.

Laura Kondrataviciute, 3rd Year, MEng(hons) Chemical Engineering

Completing a bridge building team challenge

Posted in: Event, WES Conference


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