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WESBath celebrate International Women's Day

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Working together with the Somerset & West Wilts IET Network, WESBath welcomed Naomi Climer, President of the IET, to the Univerisity of Bath on Tuesday, 8 March.

28927 IET Lecture Naomi Climer 8 March 2016. Naomi Climer is President and Fellow of the IET and the President of the Women's Engineering Society.  University of Bath Student Women's Engineering Society (WESBath). Client: Sarah Stead - Faculty of Engineering

Roger Whorrod chats to some WESBath students.

The evening was a great success with over 150 guests coming along to celebrate International Women's Day. The event started with a display of WESBath's work over the past year including examples of activities we use when visiting local schools. A mixture of engineers, students and staff then listened to Naomi, the first female president  of the IET, who spoke about how engineering and technology will shape the future and how important it is ensure diversity within engineering. The lecture was inspirational and thought provoking.

28927 IET Lecture Naomi Climer 8 March 2016. Naomi Climer is President and Fellow of the IET and the President of the Women's Engineering Society.  University of Bath Student Women's Engineering Society (WESBath). Client: Sarah Stead - Faculty of Engineering

Some of the WESBath committee display an outreach activity

28927 IET Lecture Naomi Climer 8 March 2016. Naomi Climer is President and Fellow of the IET and the President of the Women's Engineering Society.  University of Bath Student Women's Engineering Society (WESBath). Client: Sarah Stead - Faculty of Engineering

Students enjoying Naomi Climer's talk

Afterwards, there was a networking reception at The Edge.  What better way to celebrate International Women's Day!


Nomination for WESBath Committee

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Nomination Certificate

The WESBath Committee received a deserved nomination for Volunteer Team of the Year at the BANES Chairman’s Community Awards 2015/16.

The nomination was for the committee's work helping to inspire school girls in the local area to consider engineering as a career as well as providing support for current female engineering students through regular seminars, networking opportunities as well as working together at outreach events.

Blog photo
We attended the awards ceremony and had a great night – the worthy winners were The Bath Soup Run.

Sarah, Student Experience Officer


STEM Day at Corsham School

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Corsham School held at STEM day on the 8th January 2016 and three members of WESBath (Jemma Rowlandson, Leen Jabban and myself) were invited to organise a hands-on workshop for year 9 students with the object to create awareness and generate interest about engineering. The task for the day was to build a tower at least 45cm tall with paper straws and balance a beaker of water on top of it.

Corsham STEM Outreach Jan 2016
The main objective of this task was to get the students to think which shape was strong enough to withstand the force and most of the teams figured out that triangles offered better resistance.We worked with two separate groups of 20 students – in the first session an all girls’ team won the task and were able to balance 950g of water on their tower. In the second session a team of boys were successful in balancing 1.10kg of water, which was the highest capacity for that day as well. There were prizes for the winning teams and a prize for the best team name which was Ninjaneers!

The half-day session also helped us to educate the students about various branches of engineering and it was not all about just ‘fixing things’. The students were excited that there was more to engineering and some of them even expressed interest in taking up engineering in the future.
As a team, we hope to have changed the perception of engineering and STEM to these students!

Parimala Shivaprasad
PhD Research Programme in Chemical Engineering, Dept of Chemical Engineering


December Seminar - P&G seminar and networking

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With Christmas lurking around the corner, WESBath couldn’t have thought of a better gift. Seminar and a networking event with representatives from P&G, mince pies and drinks. We also had the former WES president amongst us. Icing on the cake!
Irina Yanshina, who works at the Supply Network Operations department (SNO-One of the many acronyms P&G is fond of!), spoke to us about the structure of P&G and what her job is like with SNO. She claimed that her love for travelling and adventure was well catered to by her job as her role in the company involved a lot of travel.
Sandra Martinelli spoke about her journey in P&G (she has never worked anywhere else!) and her career development in the Engineering sector. As our audience largely comprised of soon to be graduates, this was a definite morale booster. Her job profiles have been varied and never once monotonous. From designing equipment which made Pringles (She got free Pringles!) to going down to the plant with a toolkit to troubleshoot problems, she shared her views on how imperative it is to have a sound background in both theoretical as well as practical aspects of engineering. Another highlight of her talk was the gender equality which P&G maintains while recruiting employees and how P&G lets women especially to make choices and allows them to have flexible career profiles which helps them balance both their personal and professional life.
Paul Dodd, also from P&G, was present to illustrate the fact that support of male engineers/ co-workers has a positive effect on the development of women engineers and offered useful insights and suggestions to some of the questions posed by the audience.
I also got a chance to interact with Dawn Bonfield, former WES president who was keen on hearing all about the student WES conference which took place in Birmingham a few weeks back. She was impressed with the active representation WESBath had at the conference.
I am eagerly looking forward for the series of exciting events WESBath has in store the next year (The IET event in particular!). It is always exhilarating to be amongst motivated and passionate women engineers.
Have a lovely Christmas break!
Parimala Shivaprasad,
PhD student, Department of Chemical Engineering


December P&G Seminar


Designing a farm, delicious food and inspriational women!

📥  Event, WES Conference

Attending the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Student Conference at Aston University in November was inspirational and amazing. On arrival we had companies such as Selex, Dialog, Instron, Altera, UTC Aerospace, Mars, BP and Proctor and Gamble (P&G) both at stands in the foyer to greet us and then in speeches given by female engineers from the industries who spoke about pursuing their dreams and getting involved in everything they could. The achievements and experiences they’ve gained were fascinating. We had various activities and teambuilding icebreakers to do. (Ours was to design a farm; originally an easy task however, as more challenges were added, we got surprisingly into it.) A lovely four course meal with the companies and other engineers from other universities was lovely. It was nice to get to know other women from other universities who were surprisingly like you. At the meal, Naomi Climer (president of the IET) gave a speech - she was inspirational.

WES conference dinner

Delicous food!

On the second day, activities included speeches and quite a lot of food! I was particularly taken by one lady who throughout her life had a love for the sea and for ice. She used engineering to take her right across the world, fighting seals, visiting amazing tourist attractions and exploring the world. She’s been a lecturer, in the army, in various forms of the Royal Marines, working on royal navy ships, designing, building and testing various boats and ships including those going to aid other countries in need. She’s even been to Antarctica. I love how her interests and passions could be intertwined into her perfect job, doing breath-taking things. She’s even tested boats to the breaking point and coped with high voltage engine rooms fill with water while being 6 months pregnant. All the women who gave talks and the students attending were inspirational!

I didn't know what to expect going to the conference.  However, after attending the conference, I have so many memories and inspirational stories to hold onto, giving me something to aspire and work towards. A brilliant experience which only increases my love of engineering. Fantastic. I would certainly recommend joining WES to gain valuable information about women in engineering.

Elisa-Jayne Barber

1st Year - Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Highlights (including chocolate mousse) of my first WES Conference!

📥  Events, WES Conference

Having started my PhD less than two months ago, when I heard about the student Women Engineering Society conference, I immediately signed up for it for the sheer curiosity. Little did I know, it would have the kind of impact it did on my thought process.
The conference began on a very positive note from Kay Plumley (Proctor and Gamble), who spoke about her role in managing factory operations, which in itself is an achievement as such positions are always thought to be the forte of men. She also instilled in me the confidence that women engineers can successfully balance their professional and personal life without compromising on either. The panel discussions which followed were very well structured. The session on electronics and materials had speakers from Instron, Altera and UTC Aerospace. For someone who was always told that PhD holders were over-qualified for jobs in industry, this couldn’t have been a better session as two out of three speakers had a doctorate and were in notable positions in their respective companies. The career path of each of the speakers was varied, sometimes confounding, but always driven by passion and faith which has today put them in a position equal to and even above their male counterparts. The ice-breaker session was a good start to the evening when engineers were allowed to dabble with finance and stocks. We were put in groups of different countries, provided with some resources and asked to trade off with other countries for a week and finally liquidate the assets. Though the aim was to lead the cash table, the session actually threw light on how soft skills get overlooked in an engineering curriculum and is as imperative as sound technical knowledge.
The highlight of the evening was the conference dinner which was intellectually appetizing. I was seated at the Karen Burt table (sponsored by BAE) and hosted by Anne Madsen whose presence was infectious. The food was sumptuous and conversation extremely stimulating. Conversations with women engineers from different walks of life was a start to some new friendships and interesting insights about their journey thus far as engineers. The first woman president of Institute of Engineering and Technology, Naomi Climer, beat dessert (Chocolate mousse!) and stole the spot light with her journey as an engineer and her role as the president. Her very presence was inspiring. I am looking forward to hear from her more at the WES Bath IET event (March is not that far!).
The following day kick started with great sessions and talks. I was particularly impressed by Anne Madsen (BAE systems) who spoke at length about the wrong turns she took in life but about how satisfied she is today about being a woman engineer and a mother (She has been on the Antarctic mission, walked with the penguins and now designs ships and also tests (breaks!) their endurance. How cool is that?!). Professional membership and marketing yourself as an engineer go hand in hand and Victoria Batchelor, from IChemE gave useful insights about getting chartered, increasing employability and how the society has a range of opportunities for support and development of engineers. This session was a boon for me as I had missed out on professional body memberships back home. As they say, “Better late than never!”
The session which followed was pillars of success, which focused on some soft skills like communication, leadership and confidence building and created a support system for women engineers. The last session was focussed on Energy and Risk and we heard exciting talks from engineers from BP, Scottish and Southern Energy and FM Global. The latter deals with engineering risk management and it was quite interesting to know about the amalgamation of engineering and insurance sector.
No sooner than it began, the conference had to end. Though the conference was spanned over only two days, it was exhilarating when I come to terms with the experience, motivation and a mutual bonding amongst women engineers. In the words of Naomi Mitchison, “Engineers are made, not born”, it is the need of the hour that the existing community of women engineers be nurtured and supported whilst a new group of women engineers are inducted to the community, which in my view has the power to change the face of the world. Thank you WES Bath for giving me a chance to be a part of the one of a kind conference. It has been the best conference experience ever!

Parimala Shivaprasad

Post Grad Chem Eng Student


Parimala and the other WESBath students at the WESBath conference 2015


7th Annual WES Student Conference

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Ten members of WESBath were given the opportunity to attend the WES Student Conference on 20th and 21st November at Aston University, Birmingham. This was a brilliant chance for us to meet inspiring engineers from industry and around 150 other female engineering students, as well as to stay in a lovely conference hotel and eat some great food!

On the first day, after an introduction and presentations by engineers from Dialog Semiconductor and Proctor & Gamble, the group split to attend two different panel sessions, on “Academia or Industry?” and electronics & materials, before a fun icebreaker session which focussed on psychology and ended with groups of students designing quick concentration experiments to do in the session. Later on we had a brilliant networking opportunity at dinner where the seating plan allowed students to interact with engineers from WES sponsors. We were lucky enough to listen to a captivating after dinner speech by Naomi Climer, President of the IET.

The second day began with a welcome back and presentations from the chair of the student WES committee at York University and two inspirational female engineers from Selex ES and BAE Systems. After refreshments, we took part in an interesting workshop run by a coaching expert on “6 Pillars of Career Success for Women in Engineering”. This was followed by a buffet lunch, after which an engineer on a graduate scheme at Selex ES presented “CVs and Interviews with Impact”.

The conference ended with a fascinating panel session on alternative engineering. Presenters from PolyPhotonix and Mars Petcare UK spoke about how they are involved in engineering that focusses on health and the environment.

I think everyone who attended the conference came away feeling inspired and excited about a future in engineering. I would definitely recommend it to any student that has the chance to go next year!
Laura Grubb

WESBath students

WESBath Students at the WES Conference 2015


Outreach and public engagement!

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We’ve got some really exciting news here at WESBath…

A couple of months ago during a committee meeting we decided that one of our priorities for the next year was going to be outreach activities. We were all really passionate about engaging with younger people, in particular younger girls, to encourage them to consider engineering. We decided the best way to achieve this would be to create four new committee positions so we could have a dedicated public engagement rep from each department.

We asked all of our members to put themselves forward if they were interested in the position. We then invited them to our committee meeting to tell us a bit about why they were interested in the role, and talk about any experience they have and any ideas they have for the role. The competition was tough but after an anonymous vote we decided on our reps.

Our new reps are:
Jemma Rowlandson from Chemical Engineering
Laura Grubb from Mechanical Engineering
Elisa-Jayne Barber from Electric and Electronic Engineering
Naomi Deering from Architecture and Civil Engineering

We can’t wait for them to get started and see what exciting things they’re going to come up with. Watch this space!


October seminar and pub quiz!

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Thank you to everyone that attended the first two WES events of the year!
It was really encouraging to see so many of you in the seminar.   I hope it provided a useful introduction to some of the committee members about what we do outside of WES.  It was a lovely to hear your stories and how passionate you were to support women in engineering!  Sorry to those, who had lectures and couldn’t attend 🙁

The Pub Quiz had a great turnout too – great to see a lot of familiar faces from the seminar earlier that day. Thank you for bringing all your friends along too! It was lovely to see everyone mingling
together- we hope it was a useful opportunity to get to know other members of the society.  We managed to polish off 10 large pizzas- so I think it goes without saying that we enjoyed them!

Well done to the winners for the best team name (Windmills- I’m not a fan) and the highest scoring team!  I hope you enjoyed your chocolate treats 🙂

See you at our next event!
Kristin and Dominique

Some of the committee at the pub quiz

Some of the WESBath Committee at the pub quiz

pub quiz Oct 2015

WESBath pub quiz


WES Council

📥  Event

WESBath has been affiliated with the national Women’s Engineering Society (WES) for over a year now. It’s been great to have their support throughout the first year, with their president, Dawn Bonfield, attending our Christmas event and having them feature us in their official journal, The Woman Engineer.  I was very excited when I was asked to be a member of WES council, both to learn more about WES and to be able to give something back to the society.
I attended my first meetings on Saturday 10th October. The day started with the council meeting. After some quick introductions it was straight down to business. Some of the things discussed that were relevant for the student groups were the timing of the WES student conference and setting up a network of student WES committees across different universities.

The council meeting was followed by lunch, which allowed for networking. After lunch the AGM kicked off. In the AGM, which is open to all members of WES, a presentation was given to current members of the society about what WES have been up to this year. After this new council members were elected and Benita Mehra was appointed as the new president of WES. The financial statement for the year was also presented.

Following the AGM, we were treated to a lecture from Henrietta Heald on WES founder Rachel Parsons. Rachel was the first president of the society from 1919 until 1921, and continued her engagement with the council for many years after this. It was great to hear about such an inspiring and forward-thinking woman!

Rachel Parsons in car

Rachel Parsons

Jo Douglas
WESBath Chair