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Topic: WES Conference 2017

WES Conference 2017 - a post-grad experience

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As a second year PhD student, I have found the event most useful while listening the career paths of number of women engineers who have decided to move into industry rather than staying in academics after their higher educations. As a doctoral student who is very keen on moving towards an industrial career, it is very exciting to see the various research opportunities available in industry.

The talks were very beneficial on showing how diversity (good balance of academics, industrial experience and moving around different countries) is quite important on a good career path.

One of the WES Conference 2017 talks

I should also emphasize the fact that the conference venue, food and the accommodation provided for the overnight stay were quite impressive. I would definitely attend the conference if I were to receive another chance.

Serife Ustuner

Integrated PhD Sustainable Chemical Technologies, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering


WES Conference 2017 - Amy Donohoe

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I really enjoyed my time at the conference - spending time with similar minded women all at the same point in their career and hearing about all their different backgrounds and reasons for studying engineering was really inspiring. The WES Young Members Board Panel Discussion: 'Getting on the career ladder: your questions answered.' was one of the most rewarding parts of the weekend. Hearing from professionals who are not much further ahead in their professional career than myself and finding out the steps they have taken not that long ago to be where they are really gave me a sense of confidence about my life after university. The young members gave some great advice about where to start when it comes to choosing a career and specialising post-education.

As well as this, listening to Dawn Childs who has spent her life as a female engineer made me realise that if I start a career in one direction, I don't have to continue with it. The idea that career movements do not have to be leaps forward but can indeed be movements sideways or even backwards was eye opening and the motion that success can be measured in different ways has made me feel much less intimidated by the 'career ladder'.

WESBath members at the WES Conference 2017

I would definitely recommend the event to other student engineers in the future. The events above were just a couple of the highlights and there were many more interesting panels/discussions revolving around changes and issues in the industry for all engineering disciplines.

Amy Donohoe - Vice-Chair of WESBath

MEng (hons) Civil and Architectural Engineering - 5th year


WES Student Conference - Idil Hassan

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The WES conference proved to be a very inspiring event for me. Meeting women who have progressed exceptionally in the engineering field has given me an insight into what it means to be a female in the industry and how engineering companies can greatly benefit from recruiting a more diverse workforce. I learnt how to ensure that a CV is effective and the importance of having excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, the theoretical knowledge I gained from my undergraduate study was put into context by listening to female engineers talk about the how engineering can be used to benefit developing countries, highlighting that engineering not only has a physical impact, but it can also have a social benefits too.

Idil Hassan

MEng (hons) Chemical Engineering - 2nd Year