Preparing for in-person exams

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During the Semester 1 2022/23 assessment period, you may have to sit in-person, invigilated exams on campus. It might be some time since you last took an in-person exam, or maybe you’ve never taken one before. These two short videos will help you to prepare.

My previous experience of taking in-person exams was my A-Levels. It was a nerve-wracking experience – the travel to the exam site, the talking to people before and realising they know things that you don’t, and the feeling that an invigilator is watching you the whole time.


But in a way it was good to know after those two hours or so it would all be over. For me, it was always the small details that contributed to feeling more stress and knowing the answers to those helped me feel more relaxed! - Skills Co-Creator Asha

Preparing for in-person exams: The revision period

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Preparing for in-person exams: On the day

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The Skills Centre provides a range of support to prepare you for exams, including skills enrichment sessions, 1:1 writing tutorials and self-access resources.

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Posted in: academic skills, exams

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