Meet your Student Living Ambassadors 2020-2021

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The Student Living Ambassadors are here to help with any challenges or issues you may run into during your time in University accommodation.

As well as being available on-call to help when you need it, your Student Living Ambassadors also arrange social events and activities throughout the academic year.

Your dedicated Student Living Ambassadors are grouped based on your accommodation - find out more about your ambassadors below:



Yasmin Bourne        Isabella Raucci         Chinye Obi             Jason Ho


Marlborough and Solsbury:

Sophie Kell       Meera Bhardwaj-Patel    Tessa Marsh         Euan Pringle


Woodland Court:

Lizzie Geaney              Alex Hartley


The Quads:

Richard Andrews    Romina Albarran      Edward Emmett    Amber Fremaux


Norwood and Polden:

Abigail Bennett       Chloe Hammond      Tomiwa Aina



Amy Mahe           Melanie Fernando     Callum Bradshaw    Priyam Thapa


Polden Court, Osborne House and Brendon Court:

Maria Gragera Garces   Lee Allsop


Carpenter and John Wood:

Harry Howard       Edward Brown


Pulteney, Clevelands and Canal Wharf:

Annabel Kaye          Amna Ijaz              Christina Taylor      Edward Drayson



Connor Peart       Yasmin Sachdev


James House, Canal Bridge, Piccadilly Place, Widcombe Wharf, Radway House and Green Park House:

Jerry Chung           Jess Hardingham  Charlie Gammett-Griggs  Ruth Ashley


Your Student Living Ambassadors will regularly check-in with you and your flatmates via Microsoft Teams calls.

If you need personal help or advice at any time, you can book a one-to-one call with a Student Living Ambassador by contacting

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  • Hi. I have received an offer letter from University of Bath, and I would like to apply for accommodation. However, I need help choosing the perfect flat for myself and my male friend. Please suggest me options. Thank You.

  • Hi! I've accepted my offer to stay at Thornbank Gardens and I would like to get connected to either of the Thornbank student living ambassadors to help me get an idea of what it's like there.