Living in quiet and alcohol free accommodation

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2019 was the first year we introduced the quiet and alcohol free accommodation options, available to all eligible undergraduate students.

The options proved popular, with almost 200 students living in quiet and/or alcohol free accommodation the last academic year.

Some of the reasons why students chose this option include:

  • They were returning to University not as a first year
  • To alleviate concerns about other students partying and being noisy
  • So they can focus on their studies
  • For medical reasons
  • For religious reasons

If you’re keen to find out which blocks are quiet/alcohol free, this is kept fluid depending on how many people choose it and their other room preferences.

This year it was spread out across the East side of campus, mainly in Marlborough and Solsbury Court, The Quads and Woodland Court.

Next year it could move if more students interested in living in quiet/alcohol free accommodation would prefer other blocks.

Surveying students revealed that 72% were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience of living in a quiet or alcohol free accommodation.

But better to hear it straight from them!

Elenor, a first year Civil Engineering student told us:

“I chose ‘quiet accommodation’ to secure an undisturbed night’s sleep! To be honest, I was worried that others who chose quiet accommodation would be antisocial and spend all day cooped in their room. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Although I’m living with a couple of them next year, I’m dreading the end of semester when we go our separate ways.”

You can also watch a short video of Madalina, a first year Physics student talking about her reasons for choosing quiet and alcohol free accommodation:


Posted in: Accommodation, Students, Uncategorised

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