Meet your Student Living Assistants

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Your Student Living Assistants are here to help with any challenges or issues you may run into during your time in University accommodation.

As well as being available for scheduled calls to help when you need it, your Student Living Assistants also arrange social events and activities throughout the academic year.

Your dedicated Student Living Assistants are grouped based on your accommodation - find out more below:


Woodland Court, Marlborough & Solsbury 

The Quads:

Polden, Osborne House, Brendon Court & Polden Court:

Westwood & Norwood:

Carpenter House, Green Park House, John Wood Court/Building:

Pulteney Court, Clevelands Building, Canal Wharf, Thornbank & Aquila Court:


Your Student Living Assistants will regularly check-in with you and your flatmates on Microsoft Teams calls.

If you need personal help or advice at any time, you can book a one-to-one call with a Student Living Assistant by contacting

Posted in: Accommodation, Students


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