A Road Map to Love

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As a Presbyterian I have always had a very great respect for the Bible. The way in which the Bible is treated in worship reflects this. It is usually processed in and out of the sanctuary whilst the congregation stands. It should be placed centrally which is symbolic of the centrality of the Word of God.

However, it is fine and good to have ‘respect’ for the Bible. It is quite another thing to live by its precepts and teachings.

The Bible unpacks understating and revelation. Understanding  ourselves, humans, and revelation of God. One of the main attributes of God it reveals is that ‘God is love’. Throughout the teaching of Jesus His followers are exhorted to travel the path of life expressing the love of God.

Recently I read the words of an American, evangelical Pastor. He said “I say this all the time … for many the Bible becomes a stumbling block and a weapon to hurt rather than a road map to love”.

Powerful words. True words. How often in Christian circles is it deemed better ‘to be right rather than to be kind?’ How often must we ‘be on message rather than loving?’

Our Advent Candle this week is the ‘Candle of Love’.

This week let us respect the Bible and learn from the Bible of a God of Love as revealed in Jesus.

Then let us apply that Godly love using the Bible as ‘a road map to love’.

Shalom – Revd. David 

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