Announcing the winners of our annual Climate Action Survey prize draw

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The annual Climate Action Survey for staff and students has come to a close, and the winners have been chosen in the prize draws we ran to express our gratitude to those who participated.

We sincerely thank all the students and staff members who took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is crucial in helping guide the University’s response to the climate crisis and helps us track progress towards achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The survey responses are currently being analysed, and we’ll share the results on this blog at the beginning of the second semester. Subscribe to our blog to be notified as soon as they are released.

Climate Action at the University of Bath

The survey plays an important role in finding out our community’s views and helps cultivate future projects and programmes. Find out more about Climate Action at the University of Bath:

Prize draw results

As a token of appreciation to all the individuals who participated in the survey, we provided you with a chance to participate in a staff or student prize draw to win a Bath Gift card. We want to congratulate all the winners who have received their prizes.

Student winners:

Congratulations to Amy Williams, who is doing a PhD Research Programme in Health and won the grand prize, a £300 voucher. She said, “I’m looking forward to using the voucher to enjoy some new restaurants with friends and family.”

Other prizes went to:

  • 2nd = Tom Grant, who studies Civil Engineering and is currently on placement.
  • 3rd = Fiona Gleed, who is doing a PhD in Civil Engineering. Here’s how she plans to use her prize: “One of the pledges I made on the Climate Literacy course was to get more involved in my local Park Group once I had submitted my thesis. I hope to use the voucher at Mr B’s Emporium or Toppings on books to help with some of our projects this year, exploring Repton’s involvement in the original landscape design and planning craft activities for our affordable Christmas fair.”
  • 4th = Jessica Johansen, who is doing a PhD in Management, said “I always walk up to campus, so I am looking forward to using the gift card to treat myself to a new pair of comfy shoes.”
  • 5th = Finley Taylor, who is currently doing an MSc Conservation of Historic Buildings, said “I'm excited to have won a Bath Gift Card, Rossiter’s have lovely teapots for loose leaf tea, and I’m going to treat myself to one!”

Staff winners:

Congratulations to Rachel Button, who works in the Research and Innovation Services department and won our largest prize of £300 in the staff draw. She said “I would love to go to the Thermae Spa and go for a twilight package and take a friend from work with me. There’s also the Hudson’s restaurant that I’ve always wanted to go to.”

Other prizes went to:

  • 2nd = Emily Burstow, Finance Manager in the Students’ Union, said “I haven’t spent my voucher yet, but it is my birthday at the end of this month, and I have a day out in Bath planned with my husband, which will include lunch and a look around all the lovely shops. It will be a lovely birthday treat.”
  • 3rd = Donna Matthews, Printing Operator, will spend it treating her friend to the Thermae Spa.
  • 4th = Jo Rouse, Careers Consultant from Careers Services, said “I was thrilled to receive the email about winning a prize; it felt like an early Christmas present! I like that you can spend the voucher at many different venues and shops all over Bath. We support Bath Rugby in our household, so perhaps we'll see what we can find in their shop!”
  • 5th = Carl-Philip Ahlbom, Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, said “I will use this voucher to try out one of the many lovely restaurants here in Bath.”

The annual Climate Action survey is part of our ongoing Climate Action Project and helps pave the way towards our target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. If you’re interested in being more involved in Climate Action at the University of Bath, please contact

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