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EADS are a major force in the global aerospace and defence industry. They are fully committed to embedding sustainability into their company culture, with eco-efficiency as a core part of their corporate strategy.

Three PhD projects and two MRes projects this year are being supported by EADS, focusing on sustainable production of aircraft fuel. The investigations include:

  • Production of lipids from yeasts and algae suitable as a feedstock for a biojet fuel;
  • Chemical upgrading of biomass to produce high performance fuels and additives;
  • Hydrogen storage on aircraft; and
  • Pathways to dealing with on-aircraft emissions.

EADS are providing financial support, sponsoring student internships, granting access to a wide range of their partners and providing technical expertise and advice.

Professor John Price, Executive Advisor for EADS Innovation Works, holds full industrial membership of the DTC Strategic Advisory Board.

EADS values its longstanding relationship with the University. The DTC offers additional opportunities to build on this in key areas of sustainability, including:

  • Alternative fuels, and effects of operating with them
  • Renewable energy
  • Advanced and novel energy storage
  • Improved chemical processes to reduce waste and energy use
  • Production from renewable feedstocks

EADS also anticipates opportunities for multidiscipline evolution of research within the university, enabling transfer of technology with other disciplines, industries and universities, perhaps exploiting links with existing high value projects and with established and new industry partners.

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