Bath Taps Into Science 2012

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Students in the CSCT have been promoting their research as well as environmental awareness at the annual "Bath Taps Into Science" event. Following some general advice ("don't say 'Doctor'!"), the first-year DTC students planned and built their rigs around a CO2 theme. Practice runs led to a few modifications, and confidence was fairly high.

On Friday 9 March, local schools brought their classes to the Founders' Hall on the Bath University Campus. Lured by the gentle waves of dry ice from the "factory", school groups were spread along the CSCT stand. This culminated in the ever-popular "Make Your Own Bouncy Ball" table, which was present for the third year running. The other material was new: chemical and solid carbon capture, reducing our personal emissions, and efficient lighting.

Saturday 10 March was more leisurely at Green Park Station. There were many tangential conversations with members of the public, and a variety of family groups. There was also more socialising between various stands; students took the opportunity to get stuck into maths problems, build impossible objects and, inevitably, eat their way through the Farmers' Market.

In case you missed it, there will be a similar CSCT stand at the Cheltenham Science Festival, 12–17 June 2012.

Posted in: Public engagement


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