The Secret Life of an International Student living in Bath

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This post is written by an anonymous international student. Views are his/her own. 

Moving to a different country is always a pretty daunting challenge, but moving to another country to do a PhD? Not even in your first language? Well, one of those brave students has written a list of what they've learnt in their time living and studying in Bath.

1.       You will never walk alone.

“I am going to avoid [insert your first language] speakers so I will practise and improve my English” said everyone, did no one. As soon as you listen to a conversation in your language in the corridor or in a conference (the probability of this tends to be 1 if you are Spanish or Italian) you will be attracted to them. It is fine, do not cry, you can always learn English watching Netflix.

2.       British obsessions I: The World Cup.

Apparently, half a century ago, England won the Football World Cup against a country. You should know this, they will tell you this, they will remind you of this. Just smile and nod.

3.       British obsessions II: Brexit.

This one is odd because talking about Brexit generates confusion and anxiety to the Brits, however they cannot stop talking about it. In this situation just tell them that everything will be OK while you stroke your EU passport.

4.       Food is not so bad.

UK is worldwide known for its music, museums and other cultural stuff…but not for their food. In my opinion British food is excellent, here are some of my favourite traditional British dishes: Coronation Chicken, Tikka Masala and Singapore Noodles (all of which are available on Bath campus)

5.       It does rain. A lot. Stop complaining and buy an umbrella.

Posted in: Secret Life Blogs


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