University Mental Health Day - 4 March

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University Mental Health Day is a national campaign to focus efforts on promoting the mental health and wellbeing of people who live, work and study in Higher Education settings. It is an awareness day to encourage students and staff across the UK to run events and campaigns to promote awareness and support for everyone to manage their wellbeing.

Whether you’re a student, a member of support staff, an academic, or a senior university leader, we all have a part to play to promote positive mental health at university.

The links between improved mental wellbeing and increased academic success are well documented. Research tells us consistently that people who feel better, perform better.

By ensuring that the wellbeing needs of staff and students alike are acknowledged and catered for, universities can ensure they remain centres of creative and innovative excellence with an engaged and high-performing student and staff population.

Looking after your health and wellbeing is vital, especially during these uncertain times and the University provides a range of tools and resources to help support you, which can all be easily accessed through our Health and Wellbeing pages for staff and students.

Some of the resources available for staff include:

In response to student feedback the University have launched new initiatives to support student wellbeing:

  • Student Services have been working closely with the Student Anti-Racism Action Group to develop initiatives to support the mental health of black students at Bath including a new partnership with Nilaari allowing black students to self-refer for counselling, a black student development group offering 7 week development programme and regular input from the director of Nilaari to discuss thematic issues affecting black students at the University and to ensure joined up approach to tackling institutional racism.
  • Launching Umii, students will be able to connect with other likeminded University of Bath students based on their interests and courses through this free app.
  • Trial of BlueIce a smartphone app that aims to help young people who have self-harmed manage their emotions and feelings and reduce their urges to self-harm.

These new initiatives will complement other recent developments such as Fika the mental fitness app and Be Well- Talk Now which is providing 24hr support to students wherever they are.

Our mental wellbeing affects how we feel about all areas of life and looking after it can really improve the way that we feel every day, especially during such challenging times.

Please do take advantage of the many opportunities open to you, to help you to be more able to cope when facing difficulties and to maintain your overall wellbeing.

Posted in: Wellbeing