Over 70 attendees came together to share their work with academics from many disciplines at the High Performance Computing (HPC) Symposium, 4 June 2013. Thank you to everyone who made the second HPC Symposium at University of Bath a success.

Congratulations and Thank you!

Photo of attendees and key note speaker at HPC Symposium 2013@lone pair's astute tweet "Glasses, energy reduction, GPUs, openmp, CFD, DFT, openFOAM, weather, marine, solar, lithium, hard spheres and some nice cake" captures the diversity of the 15 academic papers and 9 poster presentations.

A huge thank you to Mike Giles, Professor of Scientific Computing at University of Oxford, for delivering the insightful keynote lecture, Future of HPC - trends, opportunities and challenges.  Congratulations to Dr Eike Mueller who won the prize for the best talk and to Adam Jackson who won the prize for the best poster.   We will be interviewing the winners to capture their knowledge of HPC and how it has helped in their research.

Can HPC help you in your research?

HPC is useful if you need to get through a massive amount of data (capacity computing) or need something with a lot of power to get things done in a reasonable amount of time (capability computing).

Contact your departmental HPC Champion or HPC Support if your academic research could benefit from:

  • solving real world problems where the number of variables are awesome (examples include social network modelling, health outcomes, meteorological simulations and molecular interaction simulations)
  • visualisation of complex modelling (for example processing tens of thousands of images an hour)

The 2013 programme includes links to all the papers presented at the symposium and shows the value of academic disciplines  working together.

Next steps

We’d be very interested in your feedback on the event and how you think it can be improved for next time.  We would also be interested to hear from you if would like a shorter, more informal session before next year's symposium.

Please use the user mailing list, hpc-users@lists.bath.ac.uk, for general discussions on HPC use.

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