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The University Compliance team, following a change in UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) ID checking policy, needed to obtain copies of identity documentation for all current UK and EU students.  Requesting that students send copies of identity documentation via email, which would then be manually checked and uploaded to the SAMIS database, had two obvious drawbacks.  Firstly, it would raise security concerns with students who may not trust email as a safe way to submit personal documentation; secondly, it would require a dedicated member of staff to carry out the time-consuming task of manually checking and uploading each individual document.


In order to remove the drawbacks and make the process as simple and secure as possible, the SAMIS team worked together with the Compliance team to create an automated process whereby students could upload their own identity documentation via a SAMIS web form.

By using SAMIS web as the entry point, security concerns were mitigated as a user name and password are required to log in.  Students are familiar with the SAMIS web interface,  so were able to quickly and securely upload the required documentation.

Identity documents were stored directly into SAMIS against the student record, making the process as lean as possible.

By enabling students to upload their own identity documentation, the workload on the Compliance team was greatly reduced which allowed them to dedicate more time to specialist tasks.

Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group


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