The Department has recently welcomed a number of new faces, one of whom is Dusty. Dusty is a guide dog and belongs to Mesar Hameed who works with Unix Systems in Computing Services. Dusty has settled in well and appears to be enjoying her time getting to know the staff and surroundings of the 2 South building. As a working guide dog there are a number of guidelines you can use to help Dusty settle into her new role. Mesar has kindly written the following:

  • If she is wearing her harness please ignore her and do not make eye contact or talk to her, she knows she is working, and should not be tempted to break the work/play boundaries.
  •  If she is on the lead please ask me if you would like to fuss her before doing so.
  •  Never feed her, if there is a treat give it to me and I can hand it over. The reason for this is that we don't want a guide dog to identify treats witha person other than the owner, to avoid losing focus while working, which  might lead to an accident.
  • For those that have allergies or do not like the company of dogs, most of the time she will be leashed to my desk/playing with her toys so should not be roaming around.

We are all really pleased to have Dusty joining the Computing Services team and would like to welcome her to her new career at the University.


Dusty and Mesar are qualified.
Dusty and Mesar are qualified.
Dusty qualifies as a guide dog
Dusty wearing her harness


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