This morning the last of the professional services staff were migrated from Thunderbird to Microsoft Exchange. Academic staff members will continue to be migrated until June 24. This kicks off a time of change for the University meaning that all staff can enjoy the ease of collaborating with their colleagues on a daily basis. In addition to the benefits of Outlook for email our next big project is giving all staff members access to Outlook Calendar to organise their working day. You should already have had communications from us about this, as it means you will be using Outlook Calendar from 29 June and this replaces Oracle. Hopefully you should find that Outlook calendar fits seamlessly into the flow of the Outlook family making the process of managing your time that much easier.

As we build to the big event on June 29, you should notice more tweets with hints and tips, as well as reminder posters around campus, letters delivered to key figures and blog posts to keep you in the loop. As with the email training, we offer both tutor lead and self-paced courses to make you feel at ease and guide you into using this new software.

We strongly believe  this change will have a positive impact on university life but as usual if you do have any questions or concerns about the move please contact your IT support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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