Prepare for Outlook Calendar, 29 June University go live

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The University is moving from Oracle to Outlook Calendar the last weekend of June 2015.  Go live for Outlook Calendar as the University Calendar tool is 9.30am, Monday 29 June 2015.

Changes you will see after 9.30am, Monday 29 June 2015 

Oracle and Outlook Calendar do not work in the same way so there may be a period of getting used to Outlook Calendar the way that's best for you.  Our online documentation and courses will allow you to get the most from Outlook Calendar.

  • First days of use

Meetings (apart from declined meetings), notes, events and reminders will be moved into Outlook.  Delegate permissions, some contact groups and your working pattern wont be moved into Outlook.  Find out how to set these up in Outlook Calendar.

  • Free / busy

Within the University, all staff and students (once they have migrated to OWA for webmail) can open everyone else's calendar and see free/busy times.  You may want people to see more or less details about your meetings.  Change your calendar permissions when it makes sense.

  • Someone else manages your diary

If someone else manages your diary, make them a delegate as soon as possible after 29 June so that they can start using Outlook for you to its best effect.  All meetings, notes, tasks, events will be moved from Oracle to Outlook but delegate permissions won't.

  • Seeing more meetings than expected

If you created meetings for other people in Oracle where you are not one of the attendees, these meetings will appear in your Outlook Calendar.  This is temporary.   Ask your colleague to make you a delegate in Outlook so you can create and respond to meeting requests for them.

  • Receiving emails about meetings

Notifications about meetings arrive as email in Outlook.  If someone else manages your diary you can alter your settings to control the number of emails you or your delegate receives about your meetings.

  • Changing your mind about attending a meeting

If you decline a meeting that someone set up in Outlook Calendar, it will not be visible in your Calendar.  If you change your mind you can look in your Deleted Items folder and resend the reply to say you will attend.

Any queries with your new email or calendar service, please get in touch with our IT support team who will be happy to assist you.

Collaboration with Colleagues

The move to Outlook Calendar by the University means you can use more of what Outlook has to offer, Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks...  Use these resources to find out more about Office 2013.

Prepare for the move to Outlook Calendar

  • Oracle will be unavailable from midday, Friday 26 June 2015.  Write down any meetings you have that afternoon and if you manage someone else's diary please write down the details for those too.
  • Sign up for training now - we have self-paced and instructor-led Outlook Calendar courses available.
  • Bookmark this documentation to Outlook Calendar today.

Posted in: Communications & Collaboration, Computing Services, IT Literacy


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