Aquila HPC service retirement - 30th September 2015

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We trust that everyone is making good use of the Balena HPC service, it certainly appears to be heavily used over the last few months.

I would like to make you aware that on 30th September 2015, we will be retiring the Aquila HPC service. Aquila is reaching a great age and as you will have seen over the last month is needing more attention to keep the service operational. This retirement will mean that the Aquila HPC system will not be running workloads past this date and the compute nodes will be powered down.

If this retirement date is going to cause any disruption to your work which cannot be transferred over to Balena, please could you make this known to James Davenport and myself as soon as possible.
With regards to the data and files on Aquila. The storage areas are /home (available), /data (currently not available) and /fhgfs (available), ideally these will need to be cleaned up before the date of retirement. With /data being unavailable we will set a target date to remove all data and files off Aquila at a later date. In the meantime, if there are any files or data you wish to preserve from Aquila I employ you to start, if you haven't already, transferring these files off Aquila. Equally, can I ask all users to remove any files/data which are no longer needed on Aquila

To update everyone on the Aquila /data storage area, which a few people have expressed concern over, this storage area is still unavailable. ClusterVision were not able to find a replacement power supply and are having one especially made, this could take another 4-6 weeks to arrive. Once received we will attempt to restore this server and try to recover the storage area.

Posted in: Advancing Research Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC)


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