The way to get IT help is changing....

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On Tuesday 15 September the Computing Services help form will be replaced with improved service for requesting help, TopDesk.  You can access it here:

TopDesk will not only let you log your requests for help,  you can re-visit to see the progress of all the requests that you have made.

Using the portal:

1. Go to using the link on the homepage (as normal)

2. Click on 'Self Service Desk'

3. Click on the log in button

4. Enter your University username and password. You will find your University username on your library card.

5. Select the form relevant to you.

6. Fill out the form with a description of your problem.

7. Click the button that looks like an envelope with an arrow. This will submit your request

8. You will get an on screen confirmation that your request has been submitted to the team.

9. You will be contacted via email when your request has been looked at.

 Help with printing and if you have no University username



Posted in: IT Literacy, Service Desk


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  • 1. The Pink 'Help' Button on the Computing Services Webpage:

    Points to the old Form.

    2. There is no option to report a problem with Managed Print

    3. This form does not display correctly in IE

    • Hello, thank you for raising these. We have updated the Pink Help button links to TOPdesk and other links are being updated. They should take you to TOPdesk after pages refresh.

      There will be issues that need to be solved as a result of this change, thank you for raising 2 of them. We have passed them on and will report back with a blog update.

      We ask people to raise any concerns they have with the new way of getting support in TOPdesk so they can be worked on and resolved as quickly as possible.