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Hello all. A quick intro: my name is John Baker and I have recently started work at University of Bath as an IT Trainer. One of the benefits I want to bring to you all is a series of IT learning blogs, where I'll feature new applications, useful tips & shortcuts, clever features you may not be aware of and answers to questions.

For starters, here are a few shortcut keys I have found useful when using MS Outlook - these jump between the 4 key views in Outlook:

  • Ctrl&1 goes to Mail
  • Ctrl&2 goes to Calendar
  • Ctrl&3 goes to People
  • Ctrl&4 goes to Tasks

We are extending the training that we offer, including bespoke team or one-to-one sessions. If you want to discuss any IT training needs, please email

If you have any IT-related questions, please use the IT Help Form.

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PS If you want to see the University of Bath blogs at their best, view them in FireFox, as Internet Explorer removes some of the formatting (on my computer, at least).

Posted in: IT Literacy


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  • Keyboard shortcuts are one of the easiest ways to cut down on mouse use and help to minimise upper limb injury from computer use. I recommend dicovering the Alt key. Press it and see a series of letters come up on the ribbon, e.g. Alt then h takes you to the Home tab. Follow the series of letters and Microsoft will take you through the steps. You will soon learn three or four of your most common actions. This will work right across Microsoft applications.

    • Thanks, Amanda, for your comment. I fully agree with your idea of finding and using some handy Alt shortcuts. A couple I find useful are, when creating an e-mail, Alt & full stop (to 'click' on the [To...] button) and Alt&S to send the e-mail.

      • Thanks John. These tips are useful. Keep them coming please.
        Sometimes small changes make the biggest impact on time management and managing tasks and, particularly, email.

  • Don't forget all the operating system short-cuts to using the windows key (macs have their equivalents too).

    Some quick ones are:
    Windows logo key +D -> Display the desktop
    Windows logo key +M -> Minimize all windows
    Windows logo key +Down -> Minimize current window

  • Hi John! We're looking into the issues you mentioned with Internet Explorer and blogs now as we want them to display correctly in all browsers.

    If you do spot any more bugs with the blogs or anything else on, please let us know at so we can look into it.

  • Thank you John. I find your blogs very informative. Keep sharing.