Whether it’s a conference, or the weather that is keeping you from your desk, you will be able to carry on with your work using a managed desktop service that Computing Services provides:

  • UniDesk is for academic staff and students
  • AdminDesk is for professional services staff

We recommend UniDesk and AdminDesk if you need to carry on working when you are off campus from anywhere with internet access.  You'll be able to see your files in your X: and H: drives, access academic and work software and print without any extra set up steps.

Starter for 10

If you haven't already used either service, take a moment to follow our set up instructions for UniDesk or the set up instructions for AdminDesk - it's especially good to do this before any change in the weather.

 What we recommend

We recommend you use UniDesk or AdminDesk for working on the go.

However, different people use IT in different ways and one of the joys of IT is there are often seven or more ways to do similar things and, pleasingly, everyone has their preferences.

Some people will want to download and upload their work files using our files.bath service.  Some people don't need their whole University desktop of resources when what they want is to read an article found using the Library catalogue. Instead, they can use a VPN connection and a browser or, if on any university campus, eduroam Wi-Fi and a browser.

Best for you

We would recommend trying UniDesk and AdminDesk.  If you find all that you need, try the sister services UniApps and AdminApps on your handheld devices.   If they don't seem quite the right fit for certain types of study or work, contact your IT supporter and they'll go through different options depending on your needs.


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