MindGenius 6 mind mapping software

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For everyone involved in project management, looking to improve communications or personal productivity, or co-ordinate and collect ideas from groups working together, MindGenius is a brilliant tool.

Students, MindGenius will help you record details of coursework, think ahead, prioritise work, visualise tasks, plan your revision and organise revision notes.

Managers, you can use the mind map as a starting point for service improvement activities, for problem-solving, to identify potential actions and solutions. MindGenius gives you tools for categorising, sorting, filtering and grouping information.

Mind maps transform a story or experience into a process and help you understand it better by making a visual record of your thoughts. Mind maps encourage creative thinking and help you remember important points.

MindGenius maps are easy to edit and can be exported to a variety of applications including Microsoft Project, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

MindGenius courses and materials to work through at your own pace are available from IT Training.  There is a self paced course on Thursday 10 December, or you can start the New Year with a course running on Thursday 7 January 2016.

If you have any IT-related questions, please use the IT Help.

Lydia Maskell

IT Trainer, Computing Services

Posted in: IT Literacy


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