Get help with your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac wherever you are

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You can get IT Help with your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac without visiting the Service desk or waiting for an IT Supporter to visit your desk. We are using a new device support service which allows us to remotely identify and fix many of your IT problems.

How it works

There will be times when a supporter needs to take control of your device for a short period of time in order to identify and fix an IT problem.  You will be asked to follow a few steps before any remote support session can start. Typically the steps will be:

  • Visit our Support portal at
  • Enter a session key
  • Confirm you are happy for the IT support session to go ahead
  • Run the file when prompted (you will see a file which starts Bomgar)
  • Click OK to accept the remote session

A chat room window will open so you can follow what is happening.

Please note that some devices need a few more set up steps than others.  For example to set up a session on your iPad and iPhone you will need to connect it to a Mac running Yosemite or later.    Your supporter will give you any additional information needed.

An improved service

Our customers use many devices with different operating systems.  The introduction of this service allows us to help fix problems more quickly and more often wherever the person may be.   This service cannot be used in all circumstances, for example a computer not turning on will still need an in person visit.  However we are pleased that the service has worked successfully since its roll out and are extending the service to include third party companies that support the University, further enhancing the security, control and auditing of the work that they carry out on our behalf.

Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group, Service Desk


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  • Does this need a telephone appointment first? Or simply log in to the portal? 24 hours???
    Thanks - sounds like a great initiative

    • Hello, thanks for your question. The IT supporter will contact you first to make sure you want to use remote support and to get the session setup but there is no need for a telephone appointment. This service is available during standard University working hours. You may want to stay on the phone with the supporter to discuss the issue or you can use the chat room window.