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If you’re a researcher or academic working on a project with a colleague from another University or organisation, wherever you are in the world, there’s an easier and secure way to share your large research files quickly. From 9am on Tuesday 19 January, you'll be able to use Files.Bath.

Files.bath provides you with an area to create folders and share them with others or just share files, such as large documents or media.

How it works - the seven steps of sharing

  1. You need to sign in with your University of Bath username and password
  2. You'll need to click on the plus (+) to create a folder to store the files you'd like to share
  3. Once created, click on the plus (+) again and upload the files
  4. Choose the file to share and a right hand panel will appear
  5. Enter the email address of your recipient and create a password to protect this
  6. You'll need to tell the recipient what the password is
  7. They will be sent an email letting them know you have shared a file with them


What makes files.bath more secure than clients such as Dropbox, is because it is hosted on the University of Bath network. This means your sensitive data and research is not stored outside of the University and only you can grant access to those who need to see it by setting a password that only they are given.

Visit the files.bath page to try it out.


Please note: If you have added custom settings to your files.bath account before the upgrade (such as adding your Google Drive) you will need to set these up again if you want to share files.

Posted in: Servers and Storage


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