You only have a short time left to get your Business Objects reports to us for conversion. Book your place on a training course to learn the new software.

Key dates:

5 February - date to have moved all your essential reports to your favourites folder.

14 March - Go live date. Let us know key reports you will need to run over the next two months.

What this change means for you

We are planning to go live with Business Objects Web Intelligence on 14 March 2016 . After we have gone live you will not be able to open your reports in your current Business Objects software.

We will be converting everything in the Business Objects repository but you will need to let us know about any reports that you have created or altered yourself and saved on your network drives.

What you need to do

You need to send your reports to your Business Objects Favourites folder so that we can convert them. Incase you are unfamilar with the process, we have instructions on how to do this.  When you have sent your reports to your Favourites folder you will  need to let us know.

Please do not include any unchanged reports that you have exported from the repository or any that you can easily replicate from the repository reports.

Please can you plan to get all of your essential reports to your Favourites folder by 5 February 2016. Don’t forget to let us know you have done so.

Please can you also let us know which reports you will need to run in the first 2 months after 14 March 2016 so that we can prioritise the conversion work.

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