Apple Mac & iOS Security - September 2016

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Last week, Apple released urgent security updates for all Mac and iOS products. We advise you to install these as best practice, in order to ensure the security of your devices.

  • iOS 9.3.5
  • OS X 10.11.6  2016 - 001 (El Capitan)
  • OS X 10.10.5 2016 - 005 (Yosemite)

For your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.  If you use a Mac, go to the App Store, and click updates in the top right.

September Security Update

Three previously unknown vulnerabilities were discovered by the Citizen Lab and Lookout Security, which if exploited could seriously compromise the security of the devices concerned.

The security flaw first came to light when an iOS user received a suspicious text message containing a link.  Had the user clicked the link, sophisticated malware (dubbed 'Pegasus') could have been used to remotely control the device, giving the perpetrators access to highly confidential data from all apps and services.

A few days later it was reported that Mac computers were vulnerable to the same attack, leading Apple to issue a patch for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan.

More information can be found here:

Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets on iOS



Posted in: Apple, Digital Data & Technology Group, Security


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