Margins for double-sided printing

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We've recently been asked if it's possible in Microsoft Word to have a wider margin on the left on odd pages and the same sized margin on the right on even pages (e.g. for when they're printed double-sided and bound/stapled).

The answer is to mirror your margins - I've tested this in Word 2016 and 2013 and it works in both, and should work in other versions of the software.

To mirror your margins, click on the Margins button on the Layout ribbon and (if it's there) select Mirrored. Then drag the margins markers on the ruler bar to the size you want. If your margins were set before you selected Mirrored you may need to reset them (I found that I had to reset the left margin in Word 2013, as it had been reduced from 5cm to 3cm).

If Mirrored is not visible, select Custom Margins at the bottom of the list and change Multiple pages from Normal to Mirror Margins. Then use the Inside and Outside settings at the top of the window to set your margins before clicking on OK or click on OK and drag the markers along the ruler bar.

Another irritation when changing the left margin can be just getting the right spot to drag (between first line indent and hanging indent) - I'll sometimes move one of the indent markers along a bit, change the margin and then move the marker back, especially if using a mouse pad on a laptop.

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Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group


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