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One of the differences I noticed with Office 2013 and 2016 compared with previous versions is that most applications (Outlook being the only exception, I think) have dropped the Exit option within File.

All we have is Close which is no different to clicking on the cross at the top-right of the file - it just closes the file, not the application (as does pressing Alt&F4). So, if you have 10 documents open in Word, all saved, you have to close each one individually (in Office 2010, File, Exit would close all 10 occurrences of Word, pausing on each, if necessary, to ask if you want to save the changes).

My solution to this is to add the Exit command to my Quick Access Toolbar (the small bar at the top-left of the window), alongside Save (yep, they still use a picture of a floppy disk - who remembers them??) and Undo:

  1. Click on File and select Options
  2. Select Quick Access Toolbar in the list on the left
  3. Change Popular Commands to All Commands (I guess that makes our command an unpopular one!!)
  4. Click in the list of commands and type an F and then, towards the end of commands beginning with E, locate/select Exit.
  5. Click on Add in the middle of the window and click on OK.

Now I just need to click on the small cross on my Quick Access Toolbar to close all of the files I've already saved and be prompted to save the others, and I can just click on Save All if I wish!

Also, to answer another question (probably one that most of you have never thought of!), if you have a single file open in Word or Excel and want to close the file, but keep the application open, hold down Ctrl and press F4 (Alt&F4 would close the window).

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Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group


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