Nick Cooper shares his memories of Computing Services

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As part of a series of special blog posts this week celebrating the University of Bath at 50, one of our longest serving current staff members, Systems Developer, Nick Cooper, shares his memories of the department:

Sometime around 1981 I met a man (I think his name was Chris Knight) who noticed I had an interest in computers and since he worked for ICL in what is now 2 South, gave me the opportunity to see round the Machine Room. There were machines that looked like washing machines with big brown disk packs in them and boxes with flashing lights and Line Printers that produced enormous ASCII Art pictures of Asterix the Gaul and Snow White. It was brilliant. Who was to know that a few years later I’d be working here.

I came from Bath College of Higher Education, where I had spent 3 years as the Computer Technician. The University were advertising for a Computer Technician in the School of Management and the salary was better.

I started at the University on July 1 1992 as the Computer Technician in the School of Management where I installed their first file stores, print services and email services.

With the transfer of IT support staff to BUCS I became part of Computing Services. These were difficult times. As you can perhaps imagine, as autonomous units we had a considerable amount of freedom to manage IT for the departments as we saw fit and the department required.  Probably as a result of this and other issues I moved to Systems in 2 South February 2012.

I joined the ‘then’ Windows Team under Steve MacDonald which later became in part the Software Delivery Team.

With my move to Systems I brought with me the Exchange Servers that I’d been running for the School of Management, originally as Microsoft Mail for PC Networks before becoming Exchange Server 4.0 in 1996.

All of which brought me to the birth of the Communications and Collaboration Team under Jon Elmes on April 23rd 2014.

I think that just about covers it. If I see out my time to retirement in July 2018 I will have been here about half as long as the University has been here.


Nick Cooper, Systems Developer

Communications and Collaboration Team


Posted in: Digital Data & Technology Group


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